Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients

In an article by MSN Health, a poll showed that men most often rely on their wives for care, but women are more likely to rely on their children and paid caregivers.   I don’t find this surprising.  Women often bear more of the burden of Alzheimer’s – not because they are more likely to suffer from the disease, but because they are more likely to suffer other health effects as a result of caring for someone with Alzheimers.  I often talk to my clients about caregiver burnout, and suggest ways to them to get respite care, and additional help.    Alzheimer’s has already been identified as an “epidemic”   and doctors have begun testing for the gene most often found in people who have Alzheimer’s.    The first tests of a nasal spray vaccine were held earlier this year, so there is hope that way to prevent this disease is on the horizon.   A person suffering from Alzheimers is much more likely to require nursing home care, than other diseases.  With the rising costs of nursing home care, and the proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare, finding a cure and preventing the disease should become a priority.

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