Worried about Alzheimer’s? Eat More Fish!

A recent study by US scientists have found that eating fish could protect against Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss – but only if it is baked or grilled.  A study conducted by the scientists found that elderly people who eat fish at least once a week are three to five times less likely to develop the conditions than people who did not. But it is essential that the fish is cooked in a manner that preserves the vital Omega-3 fatty acids which help protect the brain, researchers said. Grilling or baking the fish provides the maximum levels of Omega-3, which increase blood flow to the brain, reduce inflammation and limit the build-up of harmful plaques which precedes Alzheimer’s. In contrast fried fish has very low amounts of Omega-3 and consequently offers no protection whatsoever against dementia and age-related memory loss.  So, if you’re worried about Alzheimer’s, do yourself a favor and eat some fish for dinner tonight…just make sure you grill it or bake it.

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