Employment Law

Issues arising between employers and employees and their respective rights and obligations pursuant to applicable New Jersey employment laws, are pervasive in society today. Virtually every family is affected by the need to obtain and maintain employment to provide for the daily economic viability of their members.

During the employment process a myriad of issues may arise that require legal analysis and guidance in order to protect the rights or enforce the obligations of the employer and/or employee. The attorneys at CLDDS are experienced in evaluating and interpreting the rights of employees and employers, solving employment relationship problems, defending the rights of aggrieved parties, negotiating more favorable employment terms and, if necessary, advocating the rights of such parties via the administrative and judicial systems.

Our attorneys are skilled in representing clients in a variety of Employment Law matters, including the following:

  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Non-Compete and other restrictive covenant disputes
  • Employment Contract preparation, analysis, negotiations, enforcement and disputes
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Discrimination claims and issues affecting “protected classes” of employees such as those based upon age, race, religion, gender and disability
  • Wrongful termination and/or discharge from employment claims
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) claims and issues
  • Employee Handbooks and policies preparation and interpretation
  • Whistleblower and retaliation claims
  • Workmen’s compensation
  • Disability issues and “reasonable accommodation” requirements

Finding a job and performing it well or operating a business and providing for employment, are difficult enough tasks for most people in today’s economy. However such process can become a “nightmare” for the parties involved when further complicated by inequities or other wrongful acts that impede or prevent those tasks from being performed properly. When such events arise, they warrant seeking the advice and counsel of experienced professionals such as the attorneys at CLDDS.

Our initial goal will be to offer guidance and advice with regard to implementing policies and procedures to avoid some of the more serious conflicts and problems that may arise. However, if issues escalate to the serious conflict stage by or between employers and employees, we will analyze the issues and the applicable employment laws, advise the clients of their rights and obligations, and help them to resolve problems as efficiently and cost effectively as possible to facilitate the orderly and successful operation of their business and/or the performance of their jobs.

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