Trial Successes

Stephan R. Leone, with the assistance of Louis A. Felicetta, has been involved with the approval of a hotel and free standing restaurant on a 5 acre parcel in Toms River challenged by a hotel competitor. The approval was affirmed by the Superior Court, Trial Division and appealed to the Superior Court, Appellate Division where the approval was affirmed by a three person panel unanimously. Currently the matter is on petition for writ of certiorari by the plaintiff, to be heard by the Supreme Court.  The unique aspect of this matter involved if a bar area of a restaurant is an accessory use or a primary use. The Trial Court and Appellate Division found it was an accessory use, favorable to our client, also whether two principle uses, a restaurant and hotel, could be constructed on the same lot in separate buildings. The Trial Court found and the Appellate Division affirmed that two principle uses in separate buildings that were permitted in the zone could be constructed on the same lot.

The Litigation Team of CLDDS continues to obtain great results for our clients.  The most recent verdicts and settlements obtained for clients who were injured in accidents include the following:

Wrongful death case – $825,000

Wrongful death case –  $500,000

Motor vehicle accident – injuries to children – $300,000

Personal injury motor cycle accident – $95,000

The Litigation Team at CLDDS has also obtained great results in defending clients.   The following defense matters have  resulted in either jury verdicts awarding no damages, or judgments dismissing the claim:

$1,000,000 arbitration award – jury verdict: no award of damages

Slip and fall on ice – jury verdict: no award of damages

Auto accident and property damage – jury verdict: no award of damages

Personal injury against homeowner – judgment dismissing claim

Property damage to home – judgment dismissing claim

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