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How Does Divorce Effect Social Security Retirement Benefits?

How Does Divorce Effect Social Security Retirement Benefits?

Am I Eligible to Receive My Ex-Spouse’s Social Security Benefits? Divorce is a new experience for most couples—unless you’ve been married and divorced before, you probably have a lot of questions, and many of them have to do with finances.  Typically, those financial issues center around alimony and child support (if you have minor children). …

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New Distracted Driving Law in Effect for NJ July 23, 2017

New Distracted Driving Law for NJ Targets Texters A new state law in New Jersey that goes into effect on July 23, 2017 takes stronger measures to crack down on distracted driving, specifically focusing on those who text while driving. With the help of the #77 hotline that the state initially set up to report aggressive or drunk…

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CLDDS Attorney, Valter H. Must, becomes Ocean County’s Newest Judge

CLDDS Attorney, Valter H. Must, becomes Ocean County’s Newest Judge

Congratulations to Valter H. Must on his appointment to the Superior Court of New Jersey, Ocean County Vicinage. His wife Ilve held the bible as he was sworn in on July 3, 2017 by the Honorable Marlene Lynch Ford. All of us, at Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle and Sacks, were honored to have Valter as…

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Car Accident? What to do next…

Car Accidents Happen Summer is here! For those of us, at the Jersey Shore the up-coming months will be filled with trips to the beach, fun at amusement parks, and enjoying time with family and friends. Unfortunately, the summer months also entail some frustration with increased traffic. With school out, more young drivers will be…

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My life changed on June 12, 2016.

Yes. That sounds trite. On June 12, 2016, I woke up in our comfortable bed, in our comfortable house, and the sun was shining into our comfortable bedroom.  My life was not changed in the way Eddie Justice’s mother’s life was changed.  My life was not changed in the way Xavier Serrano Rosado’s son’s life…

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Avoid an Accident, Make Safety Priority when on a Boat, Jet Ski or WaveRunner

For many of us at the Jersey Shore, summer days are enjoyed out on the water; fishing, riding jet skis or relaxing on a boat. With the increased amount of vessels in our waters during the summer months, being alert and prepared are crucial to keeping everybody safe. According to the most recent data from the…

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What is Drug Court?

Drug courts act as an alternative to the traditional criminal justice system. They allow for a more collaborative relationship between criminal justice officials and drug treatment professionals. The typical drug court program entails close supervision of the offender, frequent drug testing, several court appearances, and a strict treatment and recovery process. Drug courts are limited…

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Helping Our Loved Ones: Gathering Important Information

Oftentimes, family members feel they are ill-equipped to assist an aging relative in the time of need. One reason for feeling ill-equipped is because the family member lacks sufficient information and knowledge about the relative’s personal and financial affairs. Having access to such information will provide the family member with the means to help resolve…

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Child Support Termination Statute Shakes Up the System

In what is viewed as a rare change to the way family matters are handled in New Jersey, on January 19, 2016, Governor Christie signed S-1046/A-2721 into law. This law, commonly known as the Child Support Termination Law, establishes the age of 19 as the age when a child support and/or medical support obligation will…

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Healthcare Update: The Future of the Affordable Care Act

In early March, legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act was approved and will be sent to the House for a vote. Its supporters hope the House vote will occur before the Spring break starting on April 7th. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has provided an analysis of the legislation and has estimated…

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