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The Power of a Technical Era

November 4, 2014

By Luci Must, Paralegal

In the technocentric age of 2014, many of us utilize social media outlets not only as a forum to directly communicateFacebook-Privacy Vote with others, but also to communicate with the universe – the intangible. That is to say, how often have you seen individuals express joy by wishing his or her infant a “Happy Five Months” via Facebook status; or express a belief to a cumulative group (political, religious, etc.) via Tweet; or express grief by posting messages to the deceased? In the case of the latter, specifically on Facebook, I have noticed that when an individual passes away, his or her online page becomes a digital guest book (comparable to that when you enter a funeral home). When browsing through pages of online confessions of grief and love on Facebook pages of the deceased, it begs the question as to who is left to manage these profiles – same is applicable for all social media outlets and blogs, as well as emails. Will our pages be forever on the interweb – our photographs, our thoughts, our favorite quotations – ultimately our identities, be memorialized and there for the taking? In the year 2014, we must consider not only what we will do with our physical assets, but also our digital. That is to say, who will we appoint to manage our digital fingerprint after we are gone?

Luci Must is a graduate of Ocean County College and Ramapo College of New Jersey earning an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Literature with a Concentration in Creative Writing, respectively. She currently serves as Paralegal for Robert L. Gutman Esq. with the Firm, and also serves as a contributing blogger and content writer.

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