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When you have to go to court, trust your case to a firm that is experienced there.
CLDDS - Litigation

 Resolving legal issues can be confusing and stressful, when a settlement cannot be reached and the situation requires litigation you need knowledgeable attorneys with courtroom experience. The attorneys at Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle and Sacks focus on your specific needs and objectives and we are committed to providing you with the skilled guidance and tenacity needed to produce the results that are in your best interest.

The members of the Litigation Team at Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle and Sacks appear regularly in municipal, civil and criminal courts of the State of New Jersey, as well as the Federal courts of the District of New Jersey. Several of our members are licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court. We are well versed in representing clients with civil and criminal municipal court matters, civil and criminal Superior Court matters, probate matters, tax appeals, condemnation, and insurance defense litigation.

In the civil courts, these cases range from simple contract matters to complex construction litigation, consumer fraud and product liability issues. In the criminal arena, our cases involve simple criminal code and motor vehicle violations up through and including complex fourth-degree crimes, securities violations, major crimes, RICO and federal indictments.

The Litigation Team continues to obtain great results for our clients. An example of some of the verdicts and settlements* obtained for clients who were injured in accidents include the following:

  • Personal Injury: Motorcycle accident; Settlement, $250,000 (policy limit).
  • Wrongful Death: Auto accident; Settlement, $500,000 (policy limit)
  • Civil Rights, Police Liability, Wrongful Death: Settlement $650,000.
  • Auto Accident, Infant head injury: Verdict $7,000,000.
  • Slip and Fall, Hotel pool: Settlement $150,000
  • Auto Accident , Wrongful Death: Settlement $500,000 (policy limits)
  • Product Liability, Wrongful Death, Fire liability: Settlement $825,000
  • Pedestrian Knockdown: Settlement $230,000.
  • Truck accident, Wrongful Death: Settled during trial, $1,426,000.
  • Passenger injury auto accident: Settled during trial, $870,000.
  • Motorcycle Accident: Settlement $95,000.

The Litigation Team has also obtained great results in defending clients. The following defense matters have resulted* in either jury verdicts awarding no damages, or judgments dismissing the claim:

  • $1,000,000 arbitration award – jury verdict: no award of damages.
  • Slip and fall on ice – jury verdict: no award of damages
  • Auto accident and property damage – jury verdict: no award of damages
  • Personal injury against homeowner – judgment dismissing claim
  • Property damage to home – judgment dismissing claim

In criminal cases in both Grand Jury Indictments in Superior Court and lower level offenses heard in Municipal Courts, many cases are ultimately resolved by negotiated pleas. But for those cases that must be tried, we believe it is important that our firm has a track record from which to negotiate successfully for our clients. Here are some results* of trials:

  • Charge: Murder, verdict Not Guilty, defense of another.
  • Charge: Murder, verdict Not Guilty Insanity, death of wife.
  • Charge: Murder, verdict Not Guilty, self defense, death of a neighbor.
  • Charge: Murder, verdict Not Guilty Insanity, death of mother.
  • Charge: Murder, verdict Manslaughter, child death.
  • Charge: Murder, verdict Manslaughter, death of father (reversed and acquitted on appeal)
  • Charge: Sexual Assault of a Minor; (neighbor child) Verdict Not Guilty.
  • Charge: Sexual Assault of a Relative; Verdict Not Guilty.
  • Charge: Murder, verdict Not Guilty; Self Defense (Battered Woman Defense) first in N.J., death of husband.
  • Charge: Sexual Assault of a Minor Relative, Verdict Not Guilty.
  • Charge: Armed Robbery, home invasion, Verdict Not Guilty.
  • Charge: Sexual Assault of a Minor Relative, Admission to PTI Diversionary program.

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Robert L. Gutman, Esq.
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* This information should not create an unjustified expectation that similar results can be obtained for others without regard to the specific and legal circumstance.

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