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September 29, 2022

As an out of state resident, I simply retained this firm(after rejection of others) simply to be bonded in state of NJ. Unaware of the level of dependency I would soon develop not only in protecting last wishes of my recently & unexpectedly deceased aunt but also threats of prosecution from an estranged relative. Christina desGroseilliers services have had no limits, beyond professionally& victorious, her empathy & passion only exceeded any expectations I had. Am truly grateful for rejections of other firms as I am sure the outcome wouldn’t have resulted in the + matter in which it did& certainly not handled with the level of compassion & support received in an already soul aching time of loss in my life.

*Special thanks to Annemarie Schreiber, who initially accepted me as a client and delegated my case to yet another set of beyond capable and compassionate hands.

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