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October 5, 2020

Mr. Ed Dimon is a world class attorney. He is a hard worker, who will not give up until victory is won. He fought a hard up hill battle for my family. Ed is approachable, reliable, and knowledgeable. He kept a positive and realistic attitude through the journey. My husband was incarcerated serving a one year sentence. The horrible COVID-19 Pandemic had struck most of NJ prisons. My husband was in one of the prison that had severe  cases of COVID-19. My husband had caught COVID-19 while in the prison system. He was eligible to be released under the NJ Gov guide lines. The prison system did not want to play fair. Therefore, it became a struggle. Ed worked diligently to get my husband released from prison. He had strategically put a plan together and we followed it to the letter. My husband is released from prison is doing well. I’m thankful for Ed Dimon and team. I will always recommend Mr. Ed Dimon

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