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January 20, 2015

I’ve been a Client for approximately 3 year’s and have been extremely satisfied beyond words in the handling of 3 cases. All these cases for me were “life Changing” . 2 were expungement cases, one for a family member and one for myself. Both of these cases had positive outcomes. However, the most important victory was a case that was dear to me. The reinstatement of my Driving Priviledge’s!!!! I had consulted 3 lawyers prior and had no success, and then one day I was referred to this law firm where I met Ed Dimon and Peter Draper. My life changed that day! They were enthusiastic, supportive. organized and I was kept in the loop, by emails, phone calls, regularly. I never once had to wait for a return call which is huge. My driving priviledge was successfully restored, nothing short of a miracle. Peter is meticulous in his presentations, knows the law, professional at all times and made me feel like family. “THE BEST”

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