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A Guide to Divorce & Family Law

July 26, 2023

Jonathan Petro, Managing Partner of Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle & Sacks addresses common questions from clients seeking divorce in order to simplify the process for everyone involved. Petro offers advice to couples going through a divorce and tips on how to help mitigate the effects divorce may have on a family.
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Open Communication:

Maintaining open and honest communication with your children is vital. According to Petro, the ideal scenario would involve a conversation with the children to explain that the children are not at fault. Additionally, remember that even with separated parents, the family dynamic will not change and each parent will always be able to maintain a relationship with the children. Petro often reminds his clients that, although separated by means of divorce, “you will be linked to your spouse for the rest of your life if you have children.”

Stability and Routine:

Divorce can disrupt a child’s sense of stability and security. Establishing and maintaining a consistent routine can help provide a sense of stability during this transitional period. Consistency in their daily lives, such as mealtimes, bedtimes and activities can provide reassuring structure for children.


Petro advises his clients to learn how to speak to each other in an appropriate way, especially if they have children. Whether texting, emailing, or calling, he urges clients to be cautious of their words in the event that they are examined by a judge in the future. Using inoffensive or tempered language when speaking to a spouse will improve the overall relationship between the spouses during the divorce process and ensure their words cannot be used against them in a court.

Shield Children from Conflict:

It is crucial to shield children from parental conflicts as much as possible. Refrain from arguing or speaking negatively about one another in the presence of your children. Encourage a healthy relationship between your children and the other parent, promoting regular visitation and maintaining a positive tone.

Don’t be Afraid to Seek Professional Support

Divorce can be overwhelming, not just for the children but also for the parents. Considering seeking the assistance of professionals in order to help guide you and your family through a difficult time. Professional guidance can help you navigate through the complexities of co-parenting and provide you with the tools to support your children’s emotional well-being.

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