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COVID-19 | CLDDS Anticipates A Surge of COVID-19 Related Litigation!

July 17, 2020

COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing requirements have made it more
challenging for businesses across New Jersey to be profitable.  Though the country
and New Jersey are reopening, New Jersey businesses face ongoing restrictions,
limitations and in some cases closures.  Many Jersey Shore small and mid-size
businesses especially restaurants, bars, and concert venues rely on the summer
season, traditionally Memorial Day through Labor Day, to maintain solvency and
continue operations.  COVID-19 protocols have shortened the summer season
and slashed profitability.  As the restrictions and closures continue, businesses
and consumers are turning to the courts for assistance.

Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle, and Sacks (CLDDS) is preparing for an unprecedented
flood of litigation related to COVID-19.   Despite court closures and remote access mandates,
the amount of COVID-19 litigation has steadily increased and is expected to expand
in all areas of law. As COVID-19 continues to negatively impact organizations, companies,
partnerships and individuals alike, the recent increase in litigation, is only an early sign
of what is to come.  CLDDS attorneys believe the following areas of law are going to see
the most drastic spikes in litigation: CARES Act Payroll Protection Program (PPP) claims
and investigations, Education, Labor and Employment, and contractual matters, especially
membership, subscription and event cancellation.  CLDDS has attorneys ready to address
these areas of the law and multiple other areas of practice.  For a more comprehensive list
of CLDDS’ areas of practice.
Contact Carluccio, Leone, Dimon, Doyle, and Sacks, L.L.C. with any questions and for
further information regarding COVID-19 related litigation.

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